Sunday, June 22, 2008


Blog stats says that my last post was 05/31/06, thats about 2 years back. Simple dates can tell how awful I am on the blogging scene. Actually the truth is that I have never been able to continue anything good for a long time. Whether its writing, going to the gym, guitar, GMAT prep...yada yada yada.
So I wouldn't claim that I am back or I'll be regular etc etc. Lets see how this innings goes with blogging, but as long I am here I'll try and make it worth the while :)

BTW, I am 27, single, and having a boring Sat night. Beats the hell out of me. hah!


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Feeling Rusty

‘am reading ‘losing my virginity’. For the less aware souls – it’s not a book about the first bangs of life but an autobiography of Richard Branson, the maverick CEO of Virgin Atlantic. From the start of the book, I am getting related to the Man (now who doesn’t like to get related with success). He talks of how his was so very enthusiast about his business plans right from his school / college days and how he enjoyed drafting these plans, working for school magazines, trying to take risks.
It reminded me of my days and the things I enjoyed most – debating, elocutions, managing college clubs, organizing fests, sponsorships, magazines and a passion for anything related to business.
But IT industry happened to beat the risk taker in me. Though a couple of plans were thought, a few discussed and a very few documented; none of them saw the light of the day and looks like they never will.
I am losing hair, gaining tummy (though gaining on the pay slips too) and may be turning lethargic. Comfort and coziness can be bad, very bad; they can kill the fire in you. I guess they already are.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

‘RDB’ Karun kya?

I know all blogs, papers, discussions and channels are laden with the topic of reservation, but still I couldn’t resist myself from getting in it. No I am not here to give you some facts and figures of reservations, but just share a thought which came across.
When a few days back the media made a hero out of Abu Salem, and brought to public his evil doings there was a much hyped incident of Gulshan Kumar’s murder. Salem had done it for extortion. After that murder when Salem called others for extortion dhamkis, he went ahead as ‘Tera Gulshan Kumar karun kya?’. Whooops.
Now why do I talk about it here? Because many years back I had seen on news channels students burning them selves, but I never understood it back then. Now I understand what the hell Mandal commission was. And when Mrs. Gandhi’s puppet dear Mr. Arjun Singh plans the same for the lust of votes, it brings back haunting memories. But is there a way out?
You guys saw ‘Rang de Basanti’? I really liked the movie though I was unable to digest the message. But now that these monsters don’t seem to change, lets go ahead.
Someone send a CD of RDB for Mr. Singh’s viewing, with a message ‘Tera RDB karu kya’??

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Light out

Visited home last week. While nothing beats the feeling of being home, nothing beats the summers too. If anything comes close to fighting these summers for an average Indian family, it’s the coolers, their God in summers. And I am no different.
So there are the coolers, water, ACs for the relatively privileged ones. It’s like everything is set but there is just one little problem – electricity. Any time of the day any time of the night for any number of hours in any number of homes the lights can just turn off for reasons unknown.
An option is to take connections from 2-3 areas of the city, so that when one goes off ‘may be’ the other works. All other connections except one are ofcourse illegal. But most of the people do it, paying only for one. They don’t have options besides nobody minds a little free supply. But dad isn’t too keen.
One fine day some lads from the electricity dept come and cut the supply off. Some one from the shop outside comes and tells us that they are planning some changes in transformer or something. Our supply needs to be shifted to another pole, but they don’t have enough wire right now (as if they didn’t know this before cutting the supply). If we need the wire from them we need to write an application which I am not sure will take how many days to process. So we rush to the market and busy the extra wire needed, from our pocket. When we come back and ask them to connect, there is another little problem, its already 6 in the evening and they have to go home. I am furious from inside, but as always - there is a way. He will ofcourse do it for a ‘tip’. And so its done. And we consider ourselves lucky that it was done without ‘much hassles’.
Among all this and some frustration I get an inverter at home. Just praying that there is some electricity to charge that inverter atleast.

Passing thought: Light no light, one things always rules 'ghar ka khana' :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Tiring bus journey. Resort hunting. First sight of sea. Refreshing. Offloading. Beach. Chicks. Sun. Beer. Prawns. Wow. Relax. Breeze. Beer. Nap. Fish curry. Prawns curry. Wow. Getting feet wet. Sand. Beach side walk. Bathe. Bright shirts. Gel on. Spikes. Party. Tittos. Vodka. Dance. Vodka. Crazy people. Wild dancing. Vodka. Prawns curry. Wow. Sleep. Breakfast. Bikes. Beach. Sun. Sand. Beer. Water sports. Thrill. Parasaling. Daam cool. Relax. Beer. Fish. Prawns. Wow. Bikes. Rocky beach. Peaceful. Snaps. Bikes on. Beach. Cool. No shacks. Peace. Jog. Bathe. Back. Dinner. Lobster. Expensive. Prawns. Wow. Sleep. Fort. Nice. DCH. Pledges. Snaps. Bikes. Beach. Beer. Praws. Wow. Babes. Wow. Topless babes. Wooooooow. Chicks. Topless chicks. Wow. Beer. Feni. Stink. Bathe. Beer. Sun. Relax. Nap. Party. Ready. Spikes. Wild party. Crazy people. Beer. Breezer. Drive. Dinner. Crabs. Prawns. Wow. Sleep. Morning walk. Calm beach. Beautiful. Long walk. Herbal Massage. Pack up.

Passing thought: Three guys obsessive about discussing work didn’t utter the word 'office' for 4 days. That’s what GOA can do to you. Goa rocks! It is just WOW.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

not again :(

And yet again I have been made to believe that things won't be easy going as far as my plans are concerned. I am not asking for a goldmine, but is asking for things to flow in a normal fashion asking too much? Life is what happens to you when you are busy planning something else.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

We forgive you Modi ji

When I used to read about the Gujrat riots I would discuss with my pals about how could the lure of ‘kursi’ make a human go down so much that hundreds of lives are sacrificed. I have fought vehemently with some of my ardent VHP supporting friends about this communal fight being downright politically motivated by some insane people who will kill anyone for power.

But I am made to think otherwise after the protests in Calcutta over the omission of our dada dear from the side. Not that I have anything against our most successful captain, infact I used to love his aggressive game once. But that was once. Things change, and they should bloody well change if that’s the need of the hour. But that would not wash down well in kolkataa coz the person concerned here is not a non performing captain but a fellow Bengali. Accepted till this point. Favoritism is human. But I got irritated when the so called city of cricket lovers applauded to wickets of Sachin and Dravid. Both of them are the pillars of the game which is treated as religion. And defaming the gods will not go down well with me or any other Indian. Watch out kolkatta!

The point I am trying to make is, its not the BJP or the Modis which are making us fight. We are communal to the core and we don’t want to change. In the globalized era we’ll keep being a Bengali, tamil and marathi and the all that the Modi jis of this world have to do is enjoy the circus of these jokers.

Passing thought: Kapil paaji said that “dada is an Indian first and a Bengali later”. O paaji tusi great ho, how did you sense pawar ji coming in shoes of Jaggu dada this early